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Check for Pharmacy Coupons

Print and hand to your pharmacist for instant savings.

CheckYourMeds coupons are accepted at over 80,000 pharmacies nationwide. Even if you have insurance, check to see if our coupon price can beat your co-pay.

Check for Cheaper Alternatives

CheckYourMeds shows you alternative medications that may be much less expensive than your current prescriptions.

Discuss these less expensive options with your doctor.

Check for Patient Assistance Programs

Some drug companies offer patient assistance programs that provide steep discounts directly to people like you.

CheckYourMeds will uncover any patient assistance programs that are available to you for the drugs you are taking.

See What CheckYourMeds Users Are Saying...

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Mario S. Brooklyn, NY

"It's interesting to see how much cheaper the generics are and how much I can save by switching to an alternative. I liked that I was able to find local pharmacy pricing and print coupons. I'm definitely going to tell my family about this site."

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Leslie H. Denver, CO

"My generics only plan from United Healthcare cost me $260/month because I was on a brand name drug paying retail. CheckYourMeds identified a similar generic that had the same effectiveness and only cost me $40 per month, saving me $2,640/year. I couldn’t be happier!"

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David T. Sacramento, CA

"CheckYourMeds is so easy to use. Certainly most people who take a lot of medications would love to be able to do a simple search to see if they couldn't possibly save some money. This is a fantastic resource."

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Example Savings for Popular Medications

Get an idea of how much you could be saving using CheckYourMeds...

DrugCash PricePotential PriceSavings
Ventolin HFA*$58$3343%
Advair Diskus**$412$18754%
Lantus Solostar**$372$8577%
Spiriva Handihaler**$340$1894%

**Involves switch to a cost-effective therapeutic alternative. *90 day supply pricing. Pricing subject to change.

Get Started. It's Completely Free!

There is no cost to use CheckYourMeds and no credit card required.


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